The tapes with Daniel and Reuben started as Reuben's idea. He had a Seattle EarShot Jazz Fest job and had Daniel out from NY to play as a duo (bass and horns); Daniel plays all saxes, trumpet, flute and clarinet well Reuben thought Daniel and I would hit it off, and we did in many ways; same age/era growing up and we both saw Coltrane live - a huge influence!

So, Reuben got a date on "Sonarchy Radio", a radio show of live, "out music" every Saturday night on KEXP in Seattle. The gig was very freeing and positive so I thought it would be cool to make a record - made some calls to Charley and Reed at StudioX in Seattle, blah, blah...done deal! Language


1. Speak Glow
2. Language
3. Aphasia - MP3 sample
4. Never 3 Saturday
5. Roadrunner

Daniel Carter - saxophone
Reuben Radding - bass
Gregg Keplinger - drums